Why Solar Installers should use software

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Solar installation needs intelligence, not intuition!  

We live in a country with a rapidly expanding solar industry, which very recently achieved the notable feat of 20GW of installed solar capacity and is also blessed with an abundance of sunlight for most parts of the year. To add on to this is our ever-growing need for power. In short, it is a great time and place for a solar installer be.

However, while this a great opportunity for installers to capitalize, there are still challenges that often surface in the process of installation. Problems related inefficiency with regards to the system design, improper placement and orientation of panels, and shading by objects such as trees around it, plague the installation process. In addition to this, surveying a site before the installation of panels, which when done manually, needs skilled manpower, and of course, utmost accuracy.   

These hurdles, if not overcome, can hamper the installed solar system from generating optimum amounts of electricity, and overall decrease the return on investment for the consumer. This in turn will lead to loss of confidence the consumers have in the installers. After all, solar energy is supposed to be not just a medium of relief to the environment, but a relief to the pocket too!   

Thankfully, this is where solar software comes into the picture, making these obstacles problems of the past.   

Solar software brings with it the following benefits for installers

  • User Friendly: Reduce the complexities of the design process making it more accurate.  
  • Faster: Enables pre-designing projects remotely and faster 
  • Simplicity: Saves skilled manual labor effort and costs through remote site survey  
  • Quotations: Aids in easily and remotely creating sales quotations  
  • Savings: Helps installers estimate savings and returns of the consumers 

The following features make solar software a winning tool for installers and are assured to give your company satisfied consumers and great output.  The refreshing accuracy in design will assist you to create high quality installations, and detailed engineering designs and sales quotations, making you deliver the promised solar power to your consumers! 

With the aid of software, as an installer, you can smoothly ride the growing trend of rooftop solar, bringing your consumers sophistication, savings and sustainability in their installations!   

Unfortunately, some software available in the market, such as PVSyst and Helioscope are complicated to use, expensive and hence unsuitable for Indian solar installers. Our product is designed to overcome these gaps while bringing down costs and bringing up productivity.  

At The Solar Labs, we are on a mission to provide you with the best features possible that solar software offers and produce data-rich quotations swiftly!   

What our software offers to you

  • Remote use: We enable you to conduct site surveys remotely through video recording of the site, saving time and skilled manual labor costs                                                               
  • Superior Design:  Best possible system design for a particular roof through our machine learning and AI-enabled technology
  • Ease:  Our system design tool is simple and user friendly 
  • Shading Analysis: Estimate generation with our accurate shade analysis for an accurate quotation 
  • Financial Benefits: Payback, ROI and savings figures included for your customers to view their financial gains 
  • India Friendly: We will assist you in efficient system designs using Indian electricity codes 

With these features, our aim is to enable you to close more deals as an installer, and generate as much  power as promised, efficiently and accurately.

We would like to join you in the endeavour to install  the best rooftop systems considering the client needs, shading area, weather conditions and the trends of the booming Indian solar industry.