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Solar Rooftops in India

Introduction The various research works on the fossil fuels suggests only one important thing as their bottom line – “Fossil fuels are not available infinitely inside the Earth’s crust and they are going to dry up in upcoming 60-70 years”. … Read More

The Physics of Semiconductors That’ll Guide Your Understanding of Solar Cells

Introduction The versatility in the availability of semiconductor materials for PV applications is the ability to alter their conductive properties. To do so, one must have an understanding of the basics of semiconductor technology and what they’re comprised of. In … Read More

The Best Advice For Solar Inverters That You’ll Need

Introduction Solar panels are always equipped with an inverter because they’re one of the most important components of the system. Selecting an inverter can either make or break the efficiency of the system. So it is important to be equipped … Read More

Safety Guidance When Installing Solar PV Systems

Introduction When installing solar PV systems, there are a lot of installation practices that need to be considered. Safety issues are one of the most important aspects that must be considered during installation due to the nature of the hazard … Read More

Rooftop Solar PV Systems

Introduction The rapid urbanization of the world has led to major changes in housing, land use and environmental effects. In these times, switching to renewable energy for our electricity demands is the best potential in terms of investment and also … Read More

Nanotechnology in Solar Energy

Introduction As the world has started to adopt solar technologies increasingly in their businesses and their lives, the research and development on improving its features must be carried out. Solar panels can produce electricity by absorbing light energy and each … Read More

3 Processes That Function a Solar Cell and Why You Should Know Them!

Introduction When light hits a solar cell, current is generated. How does this happen? In simple words, the sun’s energy is converted into electrical energy. The science behind this conversion process helps us understand the principles of a solar cell. … Read More

Electrical Concepts and Terminologies for Solar PV Systems

Introduction The need of the hour is sustainable generation of electricity and this is achieved through various renewable technologies, mainly solar PV systems. However, before indulging in solar technologies and its applications, it is crucial to understand the basic electrical … Read More

Basics of Solar Thermal Energy And Its Applications

Introduction To understand the solar thermal basics, we must come to the basic property of heat. Heat results in the molecules of a substance or body to move in a disorderly motion. This result in the development of a form … Read More

A Guide to Semiconductor Junctions

Introduction When we consider the physics of solar cells, we must consider the existence of junctions. These junctions exist between the different materials of different doping concentrations of a solar cell. Solar cells are composed of both p-type and n-type … Read More