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Financing Solar Power

Introduction It can be said without a doubt that our world soon needs to move towards renewable forms of energy. The use of fossil fuels, namely coal, petroleum and natural gas, has brought about a huge change in the environment … Read More

The Effect of Heat and Temperature on Photovoltaic Modules

An Introduction to Heat and Photovoltaics PV modules and cells are meant to convert the light from the sun into electricity. This implies hours and hours of exposure to the sun’s heat for the PV modules. The way solar cells … Read More

Understanding the Factors That Affect Photovoltaic Performance

Introduction With growing use of solar PV technology, it is essential that the efficiency and performance of systems are given high priority. In order to do so, it is a must to understand what affects the performance of PV modules … Read More

Harvesting Massive Amounts of Power: A Look into Solar Farms and Grid-Connected PV Power Plants

What is a Solar Farm? A solar farm or a solar park is a power station which is powered by arrays of photovoltaic modules. Solar farms are made up of PV modules, inverters, Power Conditioning Unit, and grid-connection equipment. They … Read More

Storing Solar Power: An Insight Into Batteries

Introduction: On and off-grid systems and the need for batteries Photovoltaic systems can be classified as on-grid and off-grid. On-gridsystems are hybrid systems where the electricity grid and the PV system both act as the sources of power. Mostly, residential … Read More

An Introduction to Electrodynamics

In physics, an important relation that has been derived is that between electricity and magnetism. Early physicists used to think that electricity and magnetism are two different concepts. But in 1873, a Scottish scientist named James Clerk Maxwell published his … Read More

Solar Radiation: A closer look at the Sun as a source of Energy

Energy is found all around us and has different sources. One of the main sources of energy on Earth is the sun. In fact, it can be said that the energy from the sun is the original source of most … Read More

The Invention of Solar Paint

Introduction Up until now, traditional photovoltaic solar panel systems have been the lifeblood of the solar industry, as they are a well-proven technology which saves a lot of money for homeowners. However, sometimes the hassle and expenses associated with rooftop … Read More

The Integration of Two Renewable Technologies: An EV and The PV

Introduction Electric vehicles with greater advantages of no noise, no pollution, energy saving, and carbon dioxide emissions reduction are power-driven vehicles with moving motor drive wheels. In order to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution, solar electric vehicles … Read More

Impact of the Glare effect on the airport functionality

Introduction In the recent past years, as we all know that Climate change and Greenhouse gas emission are the worst hazards faced by the people. To mitigate this problem, the solar energy has come out as the greenest source of … Read More