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Solar Panel Structure’s Leg Height estimation – Manual way and using TSL Design Studio.

Introduction  Increase in the rate of solar installations is always set above par while considering the renewable sectors. With huge targets set for solar about 100GW by 2022, India sets its path toward leading Nation utilizing the solar energy. Solar … Read More

Inter-Row Spacing in the Rooftop Solar Projects

Introduction  Solar rooftop projects are built with a ploy of maximizing energy density in the available roof area. Solar rooftop panels are mostly tilted based on their geographical location to achieve their most efficient performance. These tilted panels, in turn, … Read More

Mono vs Poly Solar Panels; Choose the Right Technology for your upcoming Solar Rooftop Projects.

Executive Summary In this study, we make a comparison between a mono PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) plant and a poly module solar rooftop installed at the same roof and running at an almost similar capacity. The debate around … Read More